10 January 2010

This week's goals..

We had another sale this past week.  There's nothing as exciting as getting that email that says "You had a sale!"  Here's an image of the toile accent tote bag that was sold.  http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=23951214

Well, it's Sunday and time to decide on what to do for the remainder of January.  Decided to go with scarves.  Of course, being that we are TwoStep Studio - color, design and creativity will be key.  We've got some great ideas for what to make.  As the week progresses and scarves are finished we'll upload photos.  Continue to check out www.twostepstudio.etsy.com and www.twostepstudio.com for new items for sale.  And as always, TwoStep Studio is available to make and create custom pieces just for you at no additional charge.  Thanks for checking us out.