21 December 2009

What's new for 2010!

2009 isn't over yet, but we are already thinking of what we can do differently for 2010. Kelly is back to her crocheting and I'm thinking I could do more knitting. So for 2010 look out for kneedle arts pieces, perhaps some blankets and I'm thinking of adding aprons. However, for the next 4 days I will be finishing up people's Christmas presents. Looking forward to doing these "fun" projects.  Check us out!

16 December 2009

Lastest Sale - Messenger Bag

Our Fleur de Lise was picked up last week. The customer is only 4' 11" and asked if we could shorten the straps so it wasn't too long. No problem - just took the bag apart, shortened the straps and sewed it up. TwoStep Studio prides themselves in making custom bags that includes your choice of fabric, pockets, and length of straps. Check us out at www.twostepstudio.com
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Christmas Time is Near

It's really amazing how Christmas seems so far away, then all of the sudden it's right around the corner - at least we got the tree up last week. Between work and daily life, plus all the events going on at school, it's hard to find the time. I've made some progress in the presents department, but no where near where I should be. I've finished only a couple of projects and just realized yesterday I have a gift to make for my daughter's teacher. I may have to dig into my inventory and see if there's something that matches her personality. I've got until Thursday night to decide. Once it's over, things will seem so much slower.