15 November 2009

Tote Bags

It's been a week, alright! It started off slow, but did get some sales in late in the week. Plus, I took some time out to finish up my new window treatments for the living room. Quite proud of them - however, that now means I need to re-do the pillows that I did the last time I decided to change the curtains. Oh well, creativity does have it's downside. As far as my sales go, kind of sad to see the bags go. One of them was favorite of mine that I promised to myself if it was still around at Christmas, I would keep it. It was a sign that it got sold. On to the next one.

I did finish taking photos of my Tote Bags. They really are quite cute bags. Not too big and not too small. They can really hold a lot without anything getting lost. I love them!

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