06 October 2009

TwoStep Studio enters into the world of blogging.

So after a year in business, deciding on what we wanted to make, how we want to promote and all that other stuff, it's now time to start writing a blog. We didn't really understand what was the point of blogging, but now we get it. Even though there are so many places to promote your wares there isn't really an opportunity to talk about what's going outside of "what are you doing" short status updates. So here we are, blogging. What do you say in a new blog? Talk about who we are? We are two women who love our bags and want to share them with you. You’ll find modern one-of-a-kind items in fun fabrics and construction that will last.

That we now have a website - www.twostepstudio.com. That we are listing new items everyday on Etsy - www.twostepstudio.etsy.com. That we have a Facebook page - TwoStep Studio. And that we Tweet - www.twitter.com/twostepstudio.

It's a new an exciting time in TwoStep Studio world. Hopefully, you'll come along with us for the ride.

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